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                         CLUB DOK 2022-2023


In Club DOK, 4th and 5th girls and their moms participate in a weekly coming-of-age program that teaches girls everything they need to know to make the transition from a girl to a young lady.   If you have any questions email



Kids Ministry has lots of ways you can serve to be a part of making a difference in a child’s life. Small Groups are a great opportunity to ensure that each child has a sense that they belong. An ideal Small Group Leader is anyone with the desire to influence the faith of the next generation and help create disciples for Jesus Christ. By focusing care on a small group of children, you can become a consistent presence in their lives, building trusting relationships, nurturing their faith, and offering your own wisdom and guidance.  Being a small group assistant is an opportunity for those who want to help create and foster an excellent and engaging environment for the children and leaders in the classroom. This role exists to serve as a support to the Small group leader in the classroom by helping with the immediate needs of the children.

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